ISSN: 2255 - 0615        9 (2020)

Corpus Documentale Latinum Cataloniae

The Corpus Documentale Latinum Cataloniae (CODOLCAT) is part of the Glossarium Mediae Latinitatis Cataloniae (GMLC) project, a dictionary of the Latin and Romance terms documented in the lands corresponding to the linguistic domain of Catalan between the ninth and twelfth centuries.

The GMLC helps philologists, historians, legal scholars and all those with an interest in the Early Middle Ages to understand the notarial documents and the literary, legal and scientific texts produced in Latin at that time. These texts are the written testimony of mediaeval Latin, but also of the incipient Romance language. To create the dictionary we are using a card system with more than 50,000 entries plus a broad corpus of digitalized texts, currently containing more than 24,000 documents.

This corpus has grown into a lexical database known as CODOLCAT, which can be consulted by all those interested in the Early Middle Ages. CODOLCAT provides direct access to the texts written in Latin in Catalonia in the early mediaeval period. Its simple and advanced search options allow users to browse the documentary corpus with ease.

CODOLCAT is based at the GMLC headquarters at the Milá y Fontanals Institution, Spanish National Research Council (CSIC), in Barcelona.


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